Marcia Choi, BA, MSc


  • Registered and Certified Speech-Language Pathologist (BC)
  • Adjunct Professor, School of Social Work, UBC
  • Instructor and Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education, School of Audiology and Speech Sciences, UBC 
  • Faculty Instructional Skills Workshop certificate
  • Coaching out of the Box™ Coaching Fundamentals certificate      
  • 5-5-5 Coaching out of the Box™ Train the Trainer certificate        
  • Clear Leadership Certificate  
  •  Qualified Facilitator, Strengths Deployment Inventory                                                                

My other passion is helping people present their best selves when leading or speaking in high stakes contexts like meetings and presentations. 

I believe that  presenting oneself as a clear, confident and engaging communicator requires an approach that focuses on more than speech skills.

As a speech-language pathologist I combine the best leadership practices with communication feedback and training so that you can have your greatest impact and results as a speaker. 

My first passion is being useful. I appreciate that this statement that may evoke an image of a trusty kitchen appliance.

So, what does 'useful' look like?

It ismaking sure that people and teams start and finish long overdue discussions about things that impact their motivation, productivity and self-worth at work. 

It isfacilitating discussions that do not waste the precious resources of people's energy, attention, thinking and trust. 

It isestablishing a safe group communication environment built on dignity, care and respect for self and others but also with high expectations of candour, active participation and risk-taking. 

It is​ teaching you to plan and run the most productive meetings with a purposeful facilitative style. 

It is challenging groups to problem solve together by immediately applying new insights to old problems, rather than parting with just good intentions. 

It is providing 'injections' of relevant concepts and tools at the right time and right place, so that groups have a solid bridge to better thinking. 

It ishelping groups to adopt healthy thinking about team conflict and confusion, and uncovering their own resourcefulness in managing it.   

My approach may be teaching you how to be 'useful' as a leader of your own process or group meeting, or being of service to you as your group facilitator.